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Knife Gun Bomb is social game about assassinating your friends, sometimes with a knife, sometimes with a gun and occasionally with a bomb. Using your mobile devices camera and your stealth abilities, shoot creative photo's of your friends simulated assassinations. Exact revenge by placing bounties on your enemies but watch your back, you're never safe!


- Free to play.

- Assassinate your Facebook friends with a growing selection of weapons.

- Place bounties on your friends to make them more appealing targets.

- Like and comment on assassinations.

- Purchase weapon packs for more creative ways to assassinate your friends.

Coming Soon:

- Ninja weapon pack, with many more to packs to follow.

- Customize assassinations by adding speech and thought bubbles.

- Ability to share assassinations to Facebook.

Webpage - http://leagueofmonkeys.com/games

Facebook - https://facebook.com/leagueofmonkeys.lom

Twitter - https://twitter.com/leagueofmonkeys

Youtube - https://youtube.com/theleagueofmonkeys

Vimeo - https://vimeo.com/leagueofmonkeys

LinkedIn - https://linkedin.com/company/league-of-monkeys

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Published Jan 15, 2015
AuthorLeague of Monkeys
GenreRole Playing
Tagsandroid, unity

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